Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Patience is not one of my Virtues

I am so eager for Spring. I can't wait to put Taylar in her cute little shorts and t-shirts and to be able to wear sandals. I'm excited for walks in our sweet new stroller, I'm excited to go play at the park. And I can't wait for summer to come so that we can go swimming!!! I'm so over this cold weather. I'm tired of having cold toes and bundling up in extra layers all of the time. yes I'm very excited for Spring. It's almost March which means only a couple more months until I can have my way!! Although I am hoping to be a little skinnier by the time summer rolls around. I'd like to be able to wear shorts and not be so self conscious. I need to go tanning a couple times before this spring and before I put on some shorts because I have very white, very ugly legs that have very ugly stretch marks on them and I need to tan and cover them up, or at least blend them in a little bit, lol.
I swear I am not losing anything, I have been going to the gym so much and doing weight watchers and I'm not losing any weight, I'm not even toning up. I'm getting very frustrated, but I need to stick with it.
On another note, I need more friends because there are some movies that I really want to see that Joey would never go see with me.


Aubrey said...

::Bring on the sunshine!
::Bring on the pools!
::Forget about these winter blues!

::Don't get discouraged, keep it up! You can do it Heather! Those first few weeks are the hardest! YOU'LL BE GREAT! YOU'LL BE SWELL!

chellekay said...

come live in CA. We are wearing shorts and sandles

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's easy to stop working out everyday and eating terribly but consistency is key. also working out is very helpful, but most of losing fat or gaining muscle is diet, which sucks because that's the hard part to change. it's easy to go running every day but not having more than you need is difficult. also, pine cones.