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Thursday, February 9, 2012

30 Things to be Grateful for at 30.

30.)  My Life. Literally. I’m grateful to be alive and experience the things that I do. I’m grateful that despite the occasional health hiccup I’m a generally healthy person.
29.) Compassion. I wish there was more of it to go around, but I’m grateful for those who show compassion to me and even to those I don’t know.
28.) My Condo
27.) Laughing
26.) Sarcasm. Do I need to say more?
25.)  The Internet. How cool is it that we can connect with people from all around the world, people we would normally not get the chance to know, but with a couple of clicks on a keyboard we have instant friends and I know I have made some awesome friends online. Also all the information we need (and some we don’t) and the click of a mouse. So cool.
 24.) Food. I LOVE food. I love being able to taste something incredibly yummy and just sit and savor it. (although the chubs of my thighs wish I didn’t love it so much I’m sure)
 23.) Books. I love love love to read. I love getting immersed in another world. Being able to go on adventures with someone else and experience the things they do. I love to live as many lives as possible and that is possible with a book.
22.) hot water. This goes without saying. I am NOT a fan of the cold…anything.
21.) Electricity. So happy that I have the luxury of being able to flip a switch and have the lights turn on.
20.) Technology. Yay for the fact that I can call my mom from my phone and SEE her at the same time even though she lives in another state. Its made my kids be able to get to know her. Yay for being able to sit here and read through countless status updates so I can compare my life to those whom I hardly know but pretend I do.
19.) Soccer. While I haven’t played it in YEARS, it played a major part in my teenage years and I miss it (although I’d probably keel over and die if I tried to run like I did then)

18.) Movie Theatres. There is something just awesome about going to the theater and having a really good movie begin to play. The smell of buttery popcorn in the air. Its one of my favorite things.
17.) Music. I love to dance. I’m horrible at it. I have no rhythm and I’m as white as it gets, but I don’t care. I love to hear a good tune and sing my guts out as if I really am Celine Dion and my heart really will go on and on….
16.) Airplanes. I love that I can pay a butt load of money and be able to fly and see people and places that I love, rather than driving a gazillion hours, because I HATE LONG CAR RIDES.
15.) Swimming Pools. I love to swim, I love to take my kids swimming. I love feeling weightless and free.
14.) Blankets. I love blanket. I love to cuddle up on the couch, even in the summer and snuggle up in a blanket.
13.) TV. I’m a junkie. I don’t care who knows it. My DVR has become one of my best friends. Don’t Judge.
12.) Coke~a~Cola. Okay so silly thing to be grateful for, but seriously I LOVE this drink.
11.) DISNEYLAND!!!! This almost made the Top 10, but I decided to reserve that for people rather than things or places. But seriously my favorite place. I love Disneyland. How could you not? I don’t care how old  you are, when you go there you feel like a kid. It doesn’t matter that you know the person behind the Mickey Mouse costume is really a college girl working her way through school or that more than likely 5 minutes before they came out, The Beast was smoking a cigarette. As soon as you see those characters you are running for them and hugging them because lets face it…Its  Magic!! Plus they have some of my favorite rides ever. I love Disneyland! (Also if someone could take me there this year as a way to celebrate this 30th milestone in my life I’d be grateful)

10.) Grandparents. I have always been close to my grandparents and am so happy to have them in my life. Each set have been true examples to me of everlasting love and friendship. Even when my Grandpa Williams passed away my Grandma showed such love and gratitude for him on a daily basis that I can’t help but be touched my how much they loved each other. My mom’s parents have always been such a deep example of love for me and I am so grateful I still get to have both in my life. Even my husbands grandmas (and grandpas when they were still alive) are such true examples for me and such amazing people. I love them and respect them and feel as though they are my own grandparents.

9.) My boss. I have the best boss. She also happens to be my aunt and not just an aunt, a second mom. I am grateful for her and the fact that she makes it able for me to work only a couple of days a week so that I can stay with my kids. I am grateful for growing up when she would be my soccer coach and the sleepovers she let me have with her kids at her house. I am also grateful that I have gotten to know her as an adult and what an awesome person she is.

 8.) Friends. I have some of the most amazing friends in the world. Some I’ve known for over 10 years and some newer, but none less important. I am so grateful for them and the joy they have brought to me. I am grateful for the fun we have when we are together regardless of how long it has been since we have seen one another.

 7.) Cousins. I have always been close to my cousins. I am so grateful for them all in my life and the fun I have been able to have with them. Growing up I considered a couple of them more like sisters than cousins, I still do. I know we will grow old and continue to be close.  I have a great relationship with many of my cousins and I am thankful that I can call some of them my best friends.

 6.) In law Siblings. I was going to make this part of #5, but decided to make it its own post. I have always wanted sisters. I got them with my sister in laws. I was first lucky to get a sister in 2001 when my brother got married.  Aubrey shows me the type of mother and wife I want to be. She is so clever and patient. I learn from her whenever I am around.  My husbands sisters I have such great respect for. I feel as though I have a special relationship with each of them.  I know I can tell Andrea anything and she will never judge me. She is always there to help me when I need it and hope she knows she can feel the same way about me. Amy and I have so much in common and it is so nice to actually be able to talk to someone in my family that has similar interests as my own. Nicole, while not married to my brother, is already a sister in law in my eyes and I am so grateful for her and Charlee in my life.  I also have some awesome brother in laws who make me laugh constantly!!

 5.) My In Laws. I have the most amazing in laws in the world. First my Mother in Law and Father in Law. I could not have asked for a better pair. They have taken me in from the moment I started dating my husband and made me feel part of their family. I never felt like an outsider. I feel so comfortable around them as if I have always been there. I am so grateful to have them in my life. They do so much for me. I hear so many people complain about their in laws and I just laugh because I know how lucky I am to have snatched the best pair out there. If anyone out there thinks there In Laws are better than mine? You are VERY mistaken. Sorry.

4.) My brothers. Growing up the only girl in my family I never felt like an outsider with my brothers. I grew up very close with my older brother and am so grateful that I could talk to him and tell him secrets when I didn’t have anyone else to go to. I am so grateful for my younger brother and the fact that we have become close as the years have gone on. I am so happy that I have gotten to know both of them and can honestly say if I wasn’t related to them I would still like them and want them in my life. They both show me different qualities that I’d like to see in myself.

3.) My parents. I have the best parents. My dad passed away when I was 19, but during the 19 years I was lucky enough to have him I was blessed. He was such a compassionate and kind soul. He always was looking for ways to help those around him. He also showed me that family is important and that you should never take them for granted. After my dad passed away, my mom got remarried and I’m very grateful for my step dad. He has made my mom very happy and has been so nice to my little family.  He can take the grief I give him and in turn can joke about it. I’m SO grateful for my mom. She is the rock of our family. I love her and I don’t know what I would do without her. She is and always will be my best friend (along with my hubby J ) She is beautiful and strong and independent and I have always looked up to her for who she is and how she sticks with her convictions. I am so thankful that I have gotten to know her as an adult and that I know I can always depend on her. She is an amazing woman!

2.) My husband. I have the most amazing husband in the world. He is incredibly smart, funny, good looking, and dependable. He works so hard for our family and even when things get tough he sticks it out to support us. He has made it so I can raise our two beautiful children. He is my soul mate and is the only person in the world who could handle me for who I am and not expect me to change in anyway. He is such an example to me and I am in constant awe of him. He makes me so happy and I know that he was sent here for me. I have such an incredible amount of respect for him and who he is.

1.) My Children. They are the most amazing and beautiful souls. They are so unique and fun to be around. They have taught me a kind of love that I never knew existed and that nothing else can compare to. I always had people say to me, you never understand the concept of unconditional love until you have children and when I finally had my own, I agreed. There is nothing I wouldn’t do or give for my children.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cakes and want one for my birthday, lol. Hey its my 30th birthday I want a cool Disneyland cake darn it, lol.

DISNEY CAKES, click here for some awesome cakes

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taylar's Birthday Cake

This year is the first year I've ever had to make Taylar's cake. My awesome sis in law (come visit her blog here: Spatula City Cakes usually makes all of Taylar's cakes. However, since she moved to Arizona that has left me in charge. I swear I have been stressing over this cake for months. I had different visions of what I wanted and then saw a Disney's Car's cake shaped in a number 5 and thought, yes thats perfect!! I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. The Flynn Rider she already had (she had a Rapunzel but lost it a few months ago). The Rapunzel came from one of her presents she is going to get at her birthday party on wednesday night. The tower I got from The Disney Family website. Mine obviously isn't anywhere as close to as good as theirs. I only added the single part of the tower instead of the added part like on theirs. I wanted it to sit a little more balanced on the cake. I put tinfoil on it and frosted it up. The tower didn't turn out as great as I'd hoped but it still will work and she will be happy. I did pain the inside of the tower to look like the walls of the tower in the movie. I also made a paper lantern as a decoration for her party. I had originally planned on having the fake tea light candles under it and to have it sitting as a display, but you couldn't see the light so I decided to hang it over the table instead.

Friday, May 27, 2011


My baby girl is an official graduate ...of Preschool



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sleep Tight

Is it weird that I could just watch these two sleep for hours. My heart is full when I see them calm and at peace

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm feeling completely disappointed in myself. I missed the race for the cure this morning. I did not sleep AT ALL last night. Well I shouldn't say at all, but I didn't fall asleep until 3 am and when it was time to get up at 5:30 to leave to go there, I was way too tired to move. I wish I would have just gone. I know once I would have gotten there I would have been fine. I was in pain last night and I let it get me down. I am so upset with myself I can't even stand it. I feel like a failure. I've been telling everyone for months I was going to do this, I've been looking forward to it and now I feel like I've let myself and everyone else down

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

updates updates

I swear one of these days my family will all be healthy again. My neck has not been hurting too much the last couple of days which is FANTASTIC! I'm starting to feel like myself again. I still have some trouble sleeping and still feel pain and a slight headache from time to time but its nothing like I was feeling.

The kids on the other hand have gotten my cough from which I injured myself to begin with. They are pretty much okay during the day. Austin has a slight runny nose and they both cough from time to time, but at night almost like clockwork they wake up at midnight crying and I have to calm them down. In fact I've become quite the story teller, ha ha. Taylar is obsessed with Angler Fish. She saw one on the Finding Nemo ride and when she sees something that scares her she becomes obsessed with it. So I made up a story of Paul the nice Anglerfish. She loved it so much she makes me tell it to her everynight so I ended up writing it down so that I could remember it. Next we made up a story about Elle the little Elephant who wanted to be a big circus star like her mom. Another one I need to write down because she is constantly asking me to tell it to her.

Miraculously Joey has yet to catch this nasty cough that we have all had. Hopefully he doesn't either. He has been so fantastic during all of this. Best husband and father of the year. With this VAD (vertebral arterial dissection) I'm constantly worried about what I'm feeling and if its something I should be concerned about. Everyone says to me to listen to my body because I'll know if something is wrong, but the problem is there IS something wrong and I don't know what the normal feeling for what is wrong is. He's been very patient with me. This also makes me unbelievably tired. I haven't been this tired since I was pregnant (which thanks to countless blood tests and screenings before all of my hospital tests I know I'm NOT). On the weekends he has let me sleep while he has taken care of the kids, etc. I'm so incredibly grateful to him.

This Saturday is the race for the cure. I'm still participating. I will probably walk a lot more than I had originally planned on doing because jogging with this makes me light headed because I'm already not getting as much blood flow to my brain because the artery has to work harder to get it there. I plan on just putting on my headphones, getting lost in my music and running/walking along with my thoughts. Only thing I'm not excited for is waking up really early on Saturday morning.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scary Stuff

So I had a scare the other night. I'd had this cough for a couple weeks when my neck started to hurt. I decided to go to the instaCare down the street from me. He told me I had a sinus infection (even though my face did not hurt at all) and that I strained my neck coughing. Well it kept hurting as the week went on, and it did not feel like a neck strain. I was having headaches and sharp pain etc. Well on Tuesday night at work I got really light headed and almost fainted. My neck and head were hurting and I just felt like something wasn't right. I called up Joe and my mom and told them I was going to have someone come in and cover my shift because I was going to go to the ER and just make sure everything was ok. Joe sent his parents to come get me so I didn't have to drive myself (my mom also sent my brother to make sure I was ok). When I got to the ER they came and examined me and said that they were thinking it was just what the dr at the instacare said, a strain, but there was a MINOR chance it was something to do with one of the arteries in my neck. In order to check for that they did a CAT scan. When the doc came back in he said that there was some abnormalities with my right artery. They admitted me to the hospital that night (thankfully my sis in law was with me this whole time, she's awesome!) A neurologist came to see me in the morning (I hadn't slept yet) and told me they would do an MRI and some other tests in the morning. Around 8 they came and got me and did an X-Ray of my chest because of my cough and my rib and back hurting. Then they took me into my MRI (which was one of the most unpleasent things I've ever been through) and that lasted over an hour and a half.
After waiting for the results they came in and told me I had a Right Vertebral Arterial Dissection. Which basically means I damaged the outer layers of one of the main arteries in my neck. The good news was that it wasn't fully dissected into the middle so no blood clots were getting out, so I didn't have to have surgery. Instead they are having me take an aspirin everyday to keep my blood thin so I don't have to worry about clots. I go back to a neurologist in a few weeks to check and make sure that everything is healing fine.

I'm happy I only had to stay the one day in the hospital and that I got to come home and be with my kids and hubby. I was really scared I was going to have to have surgery and I wouldn't be able to be with them for a long time. I'm still nervous because I have a higher risk of damaging it more and having a stroke, so I just need to be careful. This of course means when I go to Disneyland next month I wont be able to ride any of my favorite rides, which sucks. It will still be fun, but it will just not be the same without Space Mountain and Indiana Jones :(

Anyway I am still getting neck pain and headaches just like before I went to the hospital, but atleast now I know what is wrong and I know what to look for to know that its getting worse. I'm just taking it easy for the next few days. I only work one day next week and can try and relax and take it easy the rest of the week. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.

It's crazy that this all happened from a cough!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here we Come.....AGAIN

I'm so excited, we're going to Disneyland again!!! We went in December for Christmas but it ended up raining A LOT the entire time we were there. Well my MIL wrote Disney an email and just said that she was disappointed that there weren't more accomidations for bad weather and made some suggestions about how they could add covered eating places and have more umbrella's etc and make it so that it could still be an enjoyable time, even in the rain. She wasn't mean or anything, just let them know that "hey, my family of 11 came for a wonderful christmas vacation and while we understand you can't control the weather, it would be more comforting given the amount of money spent if there would be more precautions taken for when there was rain etc." Anyway long story short, they sent us replacement tickets to be used before July 22nd (peak season starts then). So we are heading back to Disneyland in May!!

Hopefully this time the weather will be better for us. I'm excited to go again and excited to show the kids the parades etc. The only bad thing about this trip....Splash Mountain is closed for refurbishment during the week we are there. Its so sad :(

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Book Worm

I am so proud of Taylar!!! I got a note from her preschool teacher a few weeks ago that said Taylar knew all of her letters and sounds and that she acted interested in learning to read. So she said with my permission she wanted to start teaching her to blend her sounds together so she could learn to read!!! We work on it at home a couple times a week, usually at bed time when she is reading her night time books and then they work on reading on thursdays at school. Today her teacher sent home a book for her to read. She is supposed to read it 6 times and then come back to school and pass it off. She has already mastered it and she got it today. She even saw the words from the book in other stories and remembered them!!! I got another book of hers, a level 1 reader, that she got for Christmas about Disney's Tangled off her book shelf. I asked if she wanted to try and read it and she was so excited and said yes. She did SO good. She mastered the word THE and remembered the word AND most of the time. Of course she recognizes the word Rapunzel because she has seen it on everything. When she got to a word she didn't know she was very patient and tried sounding it out. She still has a little trouble with blending the sounds together though. She takes pauses after each sound of each letter and has a hard time hearing the word, but she is even getting better at that. I'm not pushing her in anyway. She is so eager to learn to read, I love it. She asks me all the time if I can help her. She has always had a very deep love of books and used to spend hours in her room just looking at them, so I can't wait for her to be able to read a book by herself completely. Its such a cool thing to see her learning and to see her face light up when she reads a word like UP and then realize that she just read. Awesome!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dirty Girl

I just signed myself up for DIRTY GIRL RUN with a few friends, woohoo!! Anyone else who wants to do it should totally sign up!! Just let me know if you do and I'll give you the info so you are on our team. Its not really a race that you worry about hurrying through. Its just for a good cause and for fun. Awards aren't handed out for time, but instead for things like costumes etc.!! I'm excited. Its the day before Taylar's birthday.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I want to do this with my hair, however do I have the guts and if I do, would I even look good with it? Am I too old to have hair like this? I need honest opinions!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marching into my goals, HA HA HA (oy)

okay so its March already, holy crow, where is this year going. I can't believe we are already in March. Wasn't it just Christmas?

My ability to keep goals I set completely sucks, lets just be honest. I swear I have not been keeping very many. Some I have, some I haven't. 

March's Goals:

- Well considering I've only read 2 books so far this year I need to step it up. If I keep the pace I'm at right now I'm only going to end up reading 12 books this year, one a month. I guess its a good thing that lot of my favorite shows are having some weird March hiatus or are ending for the season, gives me more time to read.

- Still doing my running, working toward my 5K goal. I'm proud to say that my lazy butt has gone from being able to barely run for 1 minute straight to running about 3 minutes straight. Yes I know thats horrible, but its better than I was before, so shhhuuush.

- Church going has started slowing down and I intend to change that. It wasn't really by choice. We had so many things each weekend going on we ended up missing a lot. But I plan to make sure we go throughout March.

- New goal for the month, find Austin a bookshelf for his room. I'm thinking about checking out the DI and finding one maybe Joey and I can refinish. 

On another note. Today was so beautiful!! We went outside and played at the park and even drew some wonderful artistic pictures with chalk on our patio. The kids had so much fun!!!

Also big congrats to my cousin Michelle who just welcomed her third child, Elissa Anne.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

First 5K here I come

I'm doing it!!I signed up today for the Race for the Cure 5K. I'm really hoping I can run for a lot of it, but even if I walk  more than I want to, its at least getting out there and getting moving. I'm very nervous but I'm hoping I can run the whole thing. Wish me luck!!

Race for the Cure