Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day & Birthdays

My Birthday was on Wednesday, I'm now 26. In 4 years I'll be 30 yikes that is old!! (lol jk Chelle) I had a really good day, minus the fact that it was the worst snow storm of the year, lol. Joey got me this awesome present!!! a portable DVD/Ipod player . It is so cool. Then I got lots of money and gift cards form my mom and Joey's mom. I also got a Drew Barrymore movie collection from my friend Lisa and this really neat book I can't wait to read form Curtis, Aubrey, and Caitlyn. It was an awesome day. We didn't do anything yesterday which was sort of nice, no stress. Joey got me a really pretty bunch of flowers and I got him a cheesy card.
well taking this from Aubrey to fill out about my honey for Valentines Day.

What is his name
{{Joe (or Joey to me)}}
How long have you been together?
{{almost 8 years}}
How long did you date?
{{4 years}}
How old is he?
Who eats more?
{{That depends on what is being served! Usually he does though}}
Who said I love you first?
{{he did, he said it a few times before I said it back}}
Who is taller?
{{he is, but just barely}}
Who can sing better?
{{We are both tone deaf - ouch!}}
Who is smarter?
{{No question, he is. He's both book and street smart, the best kind!}}
Who does the laundry?
{{usually he does}}
Who pays the bills?
{{he does, he makes the money and he is good at it organization so he usually pays them}}
Who sleeps on the right side?
{{From which perspective? If we're in bed, I am on his right.}}
Who mows the lawn?
{{don't have a lawn}}
Who cooks dinner?
Who drives?
{{He does.}}
Who is more stubborn?
{{Depends , we are both VERY stubborn, I think he's a little worse, he holds out longer}}
Who kissed who first?
{{he kissed me first. It was on our first date and he just leaned over and planted one on me...hee hee}}
Who asked who out first?
{{He asked me to a dance}}
Who proposed?
{{He did. IT was on Valentines Day and we made dinner at my grandma's house cause they let us use it since my roommate wanted to use my apartment. After we ate he went out to the car and got my ring. I thought he had originally forgotten valentines day because he had ran to the store earlier (I learned later to it was to get my ring) I thought it was to hurry and get some lame thing just cause I got him something. He came inside and grabbed the wrong hand so I thought he was kidding, but he was just nervous.}}
Who has more friends?
{{I do}}
Who is more sensitive?
{{we both have our moments}}
Who has more siblings?
{{he does by one}}
Who wears the pants?
{{"We both do. I hate dresses."}}

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Aubrey said...

So cute! I love learning fun stuff about other peoples husbands.

And I am glad people are putting the story of when they got engaged.

You are a GREAT Mom Heather! One only needs to see Taylar and you would know that! We may be planning another get together next weekend, so perhaps you could come down for that?