Monday, March 10, 2008

poor pun'kin

Taylar woke up this morning with a kink in her neck. I feel so bad for her. At first I wasn't sure if she had a sore throat or a sore neck. She kept touching the right side of her neck and crying. I gave her a sucker because at first I thought it was a sore throat so I wanted to keep it moist. Then the idea of a kinked neck occurred to me. So I called my mom and she said to maybe put some heat on it in the form of a warm wash cloth. Taylar was not having that so instead I put her in a warm bubble bath so she was distracted and then put the warm cloth on her. That is when I noticed the way she was holding her neck. When she wanted to look at something toward the right she would turn her whole body but not do that with her left side. I have been trying to get her to look at things toward her right because I think if she slowly works it she will feel better. She is still whimpering a little bit but it seems to be doing a lot better.

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