Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sarah Marshall is Better and wishes you happy anniversary

So Taylar seemed to be having a much better day today. She was in a much better mood and even said hi to every single person we passed at the store today. Now if we can only get her to sleep through the night. I know she's not completely better but we're crossing our fingers she stays better this time instead of getting sick again in a week. Since she was feeling better Joey and I decided that we (especially I) needed a break so we took her to his parents house and we went and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Now I thought it was really funny, but then again I love Judd Apatow and the whole gang from Freaks and Geeks (speaking of which, I'm so freaking excited for Pineapple Express this August). Now someone like, Michelle, you would HATE this movie. I know you probably could already figure that out from the previews but based on what I know, its not for everyone, lol. Those who want to see it be warned, lots of naked Jason Segal, and I mean full on naked Jason Segal, lol.

Also HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Sam and Michelle. Hope you guys have a great day. Sucks that the day after your anniversary you are seperated for 6 months. Make today count :) Love you guys.

Also it should probably be mentioned I was way over tired and emotionally exhausted and frustrated with everything when I did my previous tear drop wo-is-me post. Thanks for the concerns and well wishes, though. Oh also I got my dress today in the mail and put it on firs thing. It came to my grandmas house so I tried it on and she said it looks cute! YAY. It's kinda long, but i think it might shrink a little in the wash cause its 100% cotton. although I hope it doesn't shrink too much.


Aubrey said...

I am so glad that Taylar is better. I am glad that I am not the only one who stresses when their baby is sick.

Also, I had a ton of fun at the museum yesterday, thanks for coming. We need to do that more!

And your dress was super cute! You'll look so cute in it at the beach!

chellekay said...

thank you for remembering us