Tuesday, July 29, 2008

budgets and jobs...or lack thereof

So joey was very very insistant that I quit my job today, so i put my two weeks into Kathy. I feel horrible about this because i don't want to screw her over in any sort of way. We do have quite a few new people so hopefully they all work out. I told her to keep me on her payroll so that if for some reason she needs me, I will be able to help her out. Joey and I just sat down and went over our budget and expenses and realized that the money I made at the gas station has not helped us at all, and that joey could make more money if I stayed home because he could work later and do more side jobs. The problem was, I am TOO tired to work more than 3 nights a week, I just can't do it and the two nights was not really anything. Right now we only live off his money anyway because I have just been putting money from my checks into Taylar's savings account. I'm nervous about things though, but Joe is insisting we try it without me working because he said I won't be working when the new baby comes, which is true, atleast for a while. He knows our financial situation way better than I do and he has been begging me to quit for a few months now and I have kept putting it off because the last thing I want to do is cause problems for Kathy, but it looked like now might have been the best chance I was going to get.

So now I'm big time into trying to budget our money. Especially when it comes to food. I am trying to make two week menus or more if I can so I can go shopping and get as much food stocked up as I possibly can. So I am wondering if anyone has some really good cheap recipes that they can share with me? I've taken a few that some of you have posted on your blogs that look like they will be really easy, but wondering if you have any more suggestions.

Also I need lots of advice on how to budget and stay thrifty because I'm far from it. I have no idea how to be...well...be Aubrey, lol. I need advice on the best ways you have all learned to save money.

Looks like in 2 weeks if things pan out, I'm officially a SAHM, weird....I'm very excited though. I mean I only work 2 nights a week right now, but I've never NOT had a job since I was 13. The longest I went was right after I had Taylar and even then i went back to work when she was 5 weeks. Wish me luck cause I'm nervous we are going to need it.


Aubrey said...


The hardest part about a budget is sticking to it for sure!

Corpuz Family said...

She shares when she finds good deals.