Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dance Class

Last Friday Michelle and I took the twins and Taylar to a dance class. Taylar loved it. I wasn't able to take pictures because we had to stay out of the room andthe pictures reflected with the glass and I didn't think about taking video till almost the end. Taylar was very good and followed the teacher a lot of the time. I decided not to sign her up permanently (this was a trial class) because it is too expensive right now, but it was fun to do atleast once. Sorry for so many videos, but since I couldn't take pictures I took a ton of video, lol.


chellekay said...

our kids are so cute. I wish we keep them in that class

Aubrey said...

Caitlyn and I had so much fun watching these videos! What a good dancer you are Taylar!

My favorite part is when she runs up to the window all smiles! She is such a cutie!