Friday, September 12, 2008

Picture Palooza

Last week Joey and I took Taylar to the Living Aquarium. She loves sharks and fish so she had a great time. Plus she LOVES the water so she loved the tank where you can pet the manta rays. I think this aquarium is pretty lame, especially after visiting the Denver one a couple times, but she enjoyed herself.

The next day we went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point with Michelle and the twins. Taylar and I went a few months ago with Aubrey, Caitlyn, Melissa, and Mae and ever since she has been obsessed with Dinosaurs so I thought it was time to go back.

We went to the State Fair on Wednesday. Taylar got to ride a pony which she thought was one of the absolute coolest things she's ever done. She was so content sitting on little ol' Scarecrow (that was her pony's name.) She also really dug looking at all the animals. The only ones she didn't like were the pigs. She loved the goats and sheep because she could go right up and pet them.

On another note, I just went back through old blog entries from january and february and I can't believe how much Taylar has changed in 6 months! She is turning into a little girl so fast!! Just her vocabulary, the way she walks, everything about her has changed SO much. It makes me sad to know she is no longer even close to a baby, but excited to see all the things she's learning. Plus yay her hair seems to be growing!! I forgot to mention that we moved her to a big girl bed!! Well technically we just took the front off of her crib and made it a daybed, but things seem to be SO much better. We did it last tuesday. I think she was ready to be out of the crib. The hardest thing has been bedtime proofing her room. I moved all of her toys to her closet and I lock that at nighttime and we got a nightlight that she can't take out of the wall. Really there is nothing in there to play with so she gets bored pretty fast and just gets back into her bed and goes to sleep.

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Aubrey said...

WOW! You guys have had a busy week! I loved your comment on how our aquarium sucks compared to other aquariums! I remember when it first opened at the Gateway and we went down, I was expecting something A WHOLE LOT bigger and better than one room with some jellyfish and rainbow trout, especially for $20.00! The only other aquarium I have been to was in Baltimore, and that thing was like See World in a 5 story building!

I think it's funny that Taylar was afraid of the pigs! That cracks me up! She looked way cute on the pony though, so content!