Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meeting Santa

Tonight we went down to Curtis and Aubrey's to have dinner. Originally we were supposed to go on this boat ride thing and meet Santa, but it was not open, I think it was more than likely due to weather. So instead we went to the Provo mall and Taylar and Cailtyn rode the train that they have going around the Santa display. Then we went to meet Santa. I was so suprised that Taylar was not afraid of him. She jsut went right up to him and said "Hi santa" in the most monotone voice possible, as if she were somehow bored, hee hee. Then she asked him for a Buzz Lightyear. I didn't want to pay for a pic so the girl let me take it with my camera phone, hence the poor quality.

After Santa the girls rode just about every quarter ride there was in the mall. It was such a blast!! I love going down there to visit. Taylar has such a great time playing with her only cousin. She never wants to leave.


Melissa Mae Johnson said...

aw, cousins! *sigh*

Aubrey said...

GARSH! We sure had a lot of fun! Taylar was so funny when we got to the mall! I was telling my Mom and laughing so hard! She cracks me up!