Sunday, March 15, 2009

News and a Pet Peeve.

First, one little tiny pet peeve....When you go into a store, grocery store, conveinent store, anything really where you are spending cash, STRAIGHTEN YOUR MONEY BEFORE YOU GIVE IT TO THE CASHIER!!!!

Nothing irritates me more at work when someone comes in (and usually its young males) and just throw their crumbled up money on the counter. Whats even worse is when its rolled up into a tiny little ball or folded into a tiny little square. Honestly, if you take the time before you come in or when you are waiting in line to fix your bills it will save you time when you get to the counter as the cashier won't have to fix it for you.

Personally, I take extra time and move extra slow when someone is obnoxious and does this to me. Its rude, inconsiderate, annoying, juvenile, etc.

Now that I have that off of my chest I'm on to my news....I had my ultrasound last monday (I'll post the two little pictures they gave me later.) I am exactly where they thought I was (which if you go to the bottom of this page you can see my little prego countdown clock). They did tell me the gender they THINK it is, but said they can't be positive because it is so early. I have another ultrasound scheduled for April 27th which is the one where I find out what it is, etc. It was really cool to have this ultrasound, but at the same time it seemd kind of pointless to me seeing as how I knew exactly how far along I was. I'm bummed I'm going to have to pay for 2 ultrasounds, but at the same time I would have to pay it in September if not now anyway, so oh well.

I also put the kabbosh on buying a place out in Eagle Mountain right now. I remember how tired I was when Taylar was first born and how I was able to sleep when she slept. I won't get to do that this time. I know I sound like a complainer, but I know I'm going to need help. I'm not a superwoman and I need to be close to people who can help me, especially Joey's mom and sisters as they help me so much with Taylar as it is. Hopefully we will be able to buy a place next year around this time at as good of a price as we have been able to find now.

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