Friday, June 26, 2009

Friends of Scentsy

A month or so ago I went to my first scentsy party thrown by my awesome sis in law Aubrey . I have sort of become obsessed with it since. Well I was at Walmart the other day and saw that they had imitation scentsy bars and I thought, hmmm why not give it a shot, only $2.88!! I picked out a couple scents and brought them home, eager to try them out in my burner. I put 3 squares in the first time and my whole house within 3 minutes smelled so overwhelming it was giving me a headache. I took that scent out and decided it smelled too much like grandma perfume. I waited till this morning and decided to try a new scent...cupcake. This time only puting one square into the burner. Still a very overwhelming scent! So in conclusion regarding these imitation scentsy...They are too strong. I was hoping they would be like the original Scentsy products and give a soft subtle smell to my house, but unfortunatly it was too strong I thought. If you don't mind the strong scent or you have a very large house, these might be too bad. I however think I'll stick to the original.

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