Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life as we knew it is over....welcome the new era...

SO quick update on life. As I posted before we welcomed Austin to our family in September. He is so cute and has added so much to our family. He's been a really good baby so far. Taylar loves him so much, sometimes she overly loves him, hee hee. She is always wanting to kiss him and hug him and tries to talk to him. I can't imagine that Austin doesn't get a little freaked out whenever he hears her voice.

We loved having my mom here for 2 weeks, it was so nice. I was very sad to see her go home. I think everytime she comes to visit and leaves it gets harder and harder for me, but it also makes her visits that much more special.

Its taking some adjustment to get used to having 2 kids. I'm pretty much tired all of the time. Austin is a good sleeper, but he is still a newborn and still wakes up a couple times a night. Taylar doesn't take naps anymore, even when I try and make her, so its taking some time to get used to being this tired all of the time. I doubt its going to change as they get older too, ha ha. Mostly we spend a lot of time at Joey's parents house so that we get a little bit of a break, they've been so great!!

So come see us, we'd love to have visitors and have you all meet our new little boy, and if I fall asleep during your visit don't take it personally :)


Emily and TJ said...

Makayla and I should come visit you!

Heather said...

yes, come over we'd love to have you