Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bring on 2010

Its that time of year again, time where we all sit down and list our New Year's resolutions, most of which wont last past March. However I still feel the need to list my goals here. Many are the same as the year before, I tend to not complete them. I've always been pretty bad at sticking things out , but this year I'm more determined than ever. I had a very interesting year this past year. I've had some VERY hard and trying times, those who know me know most of them. I've had some amazing blessings as well with the birth of my son, the closeness my family has come into etc. I have loved ones who have experienced tribulations that I don’t know how I could ever deal with and have shown me what it is to have true strength. I've said many prayers and gotten many answers in many different forms. I've never been one to share my testimony, its usually something I keep to myself. I'm sure there are those out there who wouldn’t even believe I have one, lol. I do. And this year I'm setting goals to strengthen it. This past Sunday in our Gospel Doctrine class our teacher had us list 5 goals for ourselves, not just for the next year but for our life in general. I rushed to write down 5 things not really giving it much thought. But now, 2 days later I have. So here are my goals for not only the next year but the next few.

1.) Go to the Temple and be sealed to my Husband and Children. This is my ultimate goal for this year. If possible I'd even love to be able to be there when my sister-in-law gets married in the temple later this year. Every year almost all of us plan to get in shape, well this year I plan to get spiritually in shape as well as....

2.) Get into better Physical shape. I want to lose the baby weight I put on from Austin (and Taylar truth be told, lol) and then some.

3.) Get into a bigger place. I'd love to own a house or even a condo that has 3 bedrooms so that my little family has a little more room.

4.) Read the Book of Mormon. I always list this one and never seem to do it. I am setting myself up a reading guide so that I can accomplish this goal in a realistic matter.

5.) Be a better mother. Spend less time on the computer and more time one on one with my children. Be more patient and try to be a better example. I want to get Taylar involved in Primary, let her make friends in our ward etc.


-paul said...

Hey Heather! Its been awhile! I hope your life is going the way you want it to or in that direction at least :) Good luck with the new years resolutions! All I can say is do what makes you happy :D anywho, hope you have fun making up more and more of your family ;)

{ bRee } said...

Those are some awesome resolutions Heather! YOU CAN DO IT!