Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I went to the Muse concert on Monday night. It was AWESOME!! I was thinking I didnt know that many of their songs but I knew over half of their set list. They were amazing live. The following video wasnt shot by me, but it is the same show. The pictures were taken by me though. The Silversun Pickups opened for them and they rocked also. Great show. My awesome friend Lisa got me a ticket for my birthday this year and I love her oh so much for doing it. SO worth it!!!! Unfortunatly, Youtube didt get my 2 favorite songs from this show (Hysteria and Time is Running Out)This video is how they opened their show:


this is the silversun pickups for those who dont know them. This isnt at the e center, but its this same tour with muse so I thought I'd post this vid, pretty much the exact same thing as last night, lol.

They dropped eyeball balloons filled with red confetti at the end of the show

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