Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary.......excuse me while I vomit in my new condo.

okay so the title to this post probably sounds like I hate anniversaries or something like that. Wrong. Today is my anniversary and Joey and I had planned on using a 50.00 gift certificate we got to go to the Last Samurai. Unfortunately, both of our kids are very sick. Throwing up all over the place, etc. They have an intestinal virus (which to me just sounds like the stomach flu). Austin has had it for a week and Taylar just got it last night. The poor little tykes. I feel so bad for them when they look at me with those "why arent you helping me" eyes as they spill their guts out.

On a good note, we FINALLY closed on our condo!! hooray!!! We moved most of our stuff over already, minus our beds etc which we are going to sleep on for one more week as we have a lot going on this week. But hooray for being a home (or condo, lol) owner!!!


{ bRee } said...

So good news and bad news post huh! Your poor little ones, that stinks. Throwing up is awful, I would rather have a runny bum for three days. I hope they get well soon.

Congratulations on the condo, that is so awesome! Do you feel all grown up now? I keep thinking that perhaps when Curtis and I finally buy a home I might start feeling like a grown up.

Heather said...

Right now I feel like I did when we very first got married and we were playing house, ha ha.

I'm excited that we got everything moved out there and we will be moving in this next week. I got some stuff put away today, which is good.