Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome to Fall

I realize I dont update this very much, especially not compared to what I used to.

Things have been going really great for us. Taylar LOVES school. She is doing so good too. She has already learned to write her whole name and some other letters as well as memorized her phone number. Her next assignment is to memorize her address, which I'm confident she'll be able to learn no sweat. She has her first field trip coming up to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving point. She's VERY excited. She has made a lot of friends out here already. One of her favorite friends, Alivia and her mom invited us to join a playgroup on Monday's which has been AWESOME for all 3 of us. Both of the kids get to play for a couple hours and I get to visit with other moms from my neighborhood and ward.

Austin is getting SO stinking cute. He has started to say a very small selection of words, which most people would take for just grunting sounds, ha ha. He says More (Mo), Taylar, mamma, and dadda. Also he says pup and meows. He LOVES running around and playing with the kids in our neighborhood (or complexes whatever  you want to call it, lol) He is right in the middle with them at the park and they all just love him.

Joey is working just as hard as ever. He is actually considering getting his own contractors license and doing remodels, basements, decks etc on the side. So if anyone has any work they want to send his way, just let me know :)

September was a really busy but VERY fun month for our family. My mom came to visit for two weeks which was AWESOME!! My kids LOVED having her here. Taylar tells me atleast once a day that she misses Grandma Tamara and Austin points to her pictures and smiles and grunts :) On the 11th we threw her a suprise birthday party for her 50th Birthday and invited her whole family. I want to think she was suprised, but I think a part of her knew.

On a not happy note. Some Stupid kids stole our pumpkins which made me pretty mad. I know who it is and where they live, but their parents are never home, either that or they are sick of people telling them what their kids are stealing so they never answer the door. GRRR I'm so mad.

Halloween is almost here (well a month away). Taylar has picked out her costume (and Austin's) They are going to be Alvin and Brittany from Alvin and the Chipmunks (what can I say the girl is obsessed). My mom bought the stuff for and made their costumes. They look SO cute. I'm also excited because Playgroup is at our house the week of Halloween so I was thinking of doing a little halloween party for the kids. Making Halloween treats and telling the moms to let the kids come in their costumes if they want.

Anyway that's all for now. Hopefully I'll update again soon :)

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