Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marching into my goals, HA HA HA (oy)

okay so its March already, holy crow, where is this year going. I can't believe we are already in March. Wasn't it just Christmas?

My ability to keep goals I set completely sucks, lets just be honest. I swear I have not been keeping very many. Some I have, some I haven't. 

March's Goals:

- Well considering I've only read 2 books so far this year I need to step it up. If I keep the pace I'm at right now I'm only going to end up reading 12 books this year, one a month. I guess its a good thing that lot of my favorite shows are having some weird March hiatus or are ending for the season, gives me more time to read.

- Still doing my running, working toward my 5K goal. I'm proud to say that my lazy butt has gone from being able to barely run for 1 minute straight to running about 3 minutes straight. Yes I know thats horrible, but its better than I was before, so shhhuuush.

- Church going has started slowing down and I intend to change that. It wasn't really by choice. We had so many things each weekend going on we ended up missing a lot. But I plan to make sure we go throughout March.

- New goal for the month, find Austin a bookshelf for his room. I'm thinking about checking out the DI and finding one maybe Joey and I can refinish. 

On another note. Today was so beautiful!! We went outside and played at the park and even drew some wonderful artistic pictures with chalk on our patio. The kids had so much fun!!!

Also big congrats to my cousin Michelle who just welcomed her third child, Elissa Anne.


{ bRee } said...

You're doing awesome keep it up! Remember tomorrow is a new day!

I am glad the weather is getting nice up there for y'all! Miss you guys!

Oh, how big of a shelf are you wanting for Austin? We have one at my parents house that we used in Caitlyn's room, you are welcome to it. It is solid wood so it will hold up really nice and you can paint it or whatever you want to do!

Cami said...

I love that you are setting so many goals and evaluating them, you are doing a great job! I need to write down my goals where people can see them too, that would help me accomplish them!

Today's weather WAS awesome! I wore a t-shirt and flip-flops! I love the kids on the swings and drawing with chalk, cute!