Tuesday, December 11, 2007


so I have not been feeling well for about 3 weeks and then the other night my back satarted to hurt really bad in the exact same spot as it did when I had my Kidney Infection last year. I decided to go to the doctor yesterday. He told me that they couldn't find a large trace of infection in the sample I gave them, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, so they sent my sample out to have a culture. They also gave me antibiotics. He said they could make me start feeling better as early as today, turns out he was right. my back doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did. Only bad side effect is that I am really really nauseous. I missed work yesterday because of this though, first time I've missed work in over a year. I felt really bad because I know what its like to be the one that is short handed, but I really couldn't work last night.

On another note, Taylar is being extremely clingy right now. I can't even leave the room or she'll start to have a fit. When we are around other people, she's so mean to them and will only go to me. Its very frustrating. I'm happy that she loves me so much, but its hard to not get a break. She won't even let Joey hold her!!!! So if anyone has some suggestions, I'm all ears.


chellekay said...

I am glad you are feeling better!

Gwen is doing the same thing. Hopefully it is just a stage they are going though.

Bree said...

Heather I had no idea this happened? But so glad you are doing better!

Taylar is going through a phase for sure, this won't be the last! HA HA HA! She'll get past it, Caitlyn went through a phase just the opposite a few months ago, she only wanted Daddy, so look forward to many more years of them! Good luck!