Friday, December 7, 2007

Chunga and Mister

so I turned on my favorite radio station this morning 101.9 The End to listen to my favorite radio morning show, The Chunga and Mister Show, only to find out that Mister West is no longer with the show!!! Its now just the Chunga show!!! I can't believe it!!! Its not even near as funny as it once was. They fed off of each other so well and now its just boring to me. I can't believe the management decided not to renew his contract. Do they think that the show will really be that great without Mister? Its been a while since I tuned into the show seeing as how I'm playing with Taylar during the morning and we are usually watching cartoons, so I don't know when this happened. I'm really not happy about it.


Divegirl said...

I too (along with my hubby & kids) are BIG listeners of the show! My children have practically grown up with Chunga and Mister! Every day before school while eating breakfast, Chunga and Mister joined us in the kitchen! They were a fabulous team and why management did not recognize this is beyond me! Why ruin a good thing? Together they were like the family we never met!

I'm sure that Chunga has to be VERY careful what he says on air. He also has to be so frustrated! Chunga has signed on for another three years with the station. It makes me wonder if he even knew he'd be without Mister when he signed?

Either way, I am sad that none of us (as fans) got a chance to say goodbye to Mister - to tell him how funny he was or how much he made us laugh each morning! He was just as much a part of the show as Chunga. Instead, he mysteriously does not return on the air and the management leaves it up to the listeners to finally start wondering!

I gave it some thought and I, too, wonder if Mister decided not to come back. I wonder if it came down to money? If I were anyone else (Chelsea, Cort....) I'd be walking on eggshells!

The show itself will never be the same. I have struggled to listen to it this week (knowing Mister is REALLY gone and not on vacation) and even though I am a huge CHUNGA fun, I don't know if I can accept the next sidekick they hire. If they tried to it would be copying the show or trying for the same format or feel. And that's the thing I'm having a hard time accepting - the same format without Mister! It's almost like they will have to change the whole show to make it new because it's certainly not going to be how it was...

Anyone else have a take on this? Please share if you do!

And Mister, if you are out there, whether you finally decided it was time to go or they let you go, please know you were fabulous and we loved every minute!

Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

101.9 The End fired Mister West. As a personal friend of a Personal friend of Mister the story about a contract dispute is a load of crap. Citadel Broadcasting FIRED him.

Please, if you are a listener to 101.9 I am asking you to email the management and demand Mister West back. (sure in all reality it probably wont get him his job back, but the station needs to know what the listeners think.)
I'm not listening to 101.9 anymore. Mister West was my reason to listen in the mornings.
Please if you have a heart email them too and then stop listening. The station sucks anyway.

Email Complaints to:
Program Director:
Station Manager:

The following is an email we received from our personal friend who is a personal friend of Mister West:

"Hi. Please let your people know that I talked to Mister. West today and he's doing well. He has good things ahead (which I can't disclose at the moment) but, he expressed his gratitude to everyone who has sent emails to the people at The End. He and I are going to lunch next week and I'll have more info then."

According to our source Mister West received a letter in the mail a few weeks ago stating that his contract was renewed and all was well, but a week and a half ago he was called into the bosses office on a Friday after the show and was told they had decided NOT to renew his contract and then had him escorted out of the building. They gave him no reasons and just told him he was done and threw him out.

Contract negotiations... no. that sounds like people at the station didn't want him anymore so they just got rid of him. In my book, that chalks up to being fired.