Sunday, January 6, 2008

Big Decisions coming soon

So Joey and I have been talking to his sister, Andrea, about maybe buying a duplex this year. We can't afford to buy a house on our own but we figured if we could go in on something with someone then we could get some equity to someday get in our own house. I am not sure how serious Andrea is about it, but Joey and I are pretty serious. We had my friend Spencer who is a Real Estate agent pull different houses for us. Duplexes are cheaper than I thought, but still expensive, we found some for around 200K-300K, if we went with a 300K the payment for each side would be around 900 or so. Thats a little too much for us, but hopefully Joey can find another job and we can make this happen.

I talked to him tonight and told him this is the year for sure we need to try for another baby. He agreed. We wish we had better insurance but he is looking for another job, so if anyone knows a great job making over 20.00 an hour let us know, lol. I want to get pregnant in June or July so that I can have my next kid in March/April. We only want two so after this we're done (or so we say, lol)


paul said...

coors jobs start at over 20/hr if you can get one. so joey could do that, if you move to colorado anyway.

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

wow, good luck with that! I wish we could buy a house, but it will come one day. And as for getting pregnant again, thats awesome! I'm so baby hungry. :)