Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Holidays

so I had done this really long nice post about our christmas and new years and posted a video of taylar opening her presents, but it took for freaking ever, so I gave up on that. so here we go again.

Christmas was really good. Taylar did really well with her presents. She opened most of them. She really loves her Bounce and Spin Zebra, she even rides it one handed, she's a cowgirl apparently. Oy. It was a busy day that day. We went to the grandmas houses and visited with everyone, it was fun. It was also really nice seeing the Currys while they were in town. This is a picture of Taylar on Christmas morning at her Grandma Kathy's house. If you look close you can see the cute pair of Elmo Slippers we got her, she looks so cute in them.

New Years eve we went to my friend Lisa's house until about 10:30. Taylar was the only little kid there and I didn't want to stay when everyone got really drunk so we thought we better go. Then we headed to Joey's parents house. We were only planning on staying there for a few minutes just to say hi, but ended up staying there until 12:30. Taylar was so hyper and was having so much fun and we were playing a game so I figured I'd just let her stay up. It was a blast.

Also Taylar had her 18 month doctors appointment on the 2nd. She is 36in tall and way off the chart in percentile (she's a giant apparently) and she is 28.1 lbs. and in the 89th percentile. I'm very proud of her. The doctor thought she was so funny and was very impressed with how outgoing she is. He says she's doing awesome on her language skills. She's talking a ton!!! She's quite the ham.

Christmas Morning Video-

Funny Video of Taylar in her new Snowsuit-

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