Friday, January 11, 2008

keep your fingers crossed

so I went to the gym today to work out and took Taylar to the daycare there (first time having someone who I don't know watch her, yay me). Anyway while I was working out I saw Melissa (aubrey's sister) and she told me she worked there and what her ours were. I thought wow that is a great job she lucked out because she can take her kid to work with her and then workout right after and still have someone to watch her daughter. Then I looked in the window and saw that another location was hiring in their daycare!! So I went and applied today. It would be perfect if I got it, I could still work at home depot for the hours I put available but if I make enough per hour I could just quit home depot all together and that would be fantastic!!! Anyway I am not going to get my hopes up too much, but I thought, hey why not!


Aubrey said...

That's awesome Heather! I really hope you get that. Liss loves being able to work at that daycare. How was your workout?

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

You applied! Thats awesome! It doesn't pay much, but its totally worth it, being able to take Mae with me, free membership, and working out right after my shift is over. I hope you get the job!