Sunday, March 2, 2008


Tonight we went to have dinner with Joey's family at Sizzler in Sugarhouse and decided to stop by Sugarhouse Park first. There were a ton of Geese and ducks out, it was really neat. There were some other people there that were kind enough to give us some bread so that Taylar could feed them. I got a little nervous with her around the Geese. I just kept having a mental image of one of them poking their beaks into her eye, lol. She loved the whole experience though. She quacked at them and was having a really great time!! Sorry the pics are so dark, she was moving around so much that the night time setting on our camera just made the pictures blurry.


Tamara said...

Absolutely loved it loved it! She is so darling!

Aubrey said...

How fun! Eating at Sizzler is like the best :) I know what you mean about the goose and the eye balls thing....why are Mom's such worry warts??