Thursday, February 28, 2008

Art is the Bubbles

Today Taylar and I finger painted for the first time (hers not mine, just to clarify...I have finger painted before, I'm like an expert) At first she was very unsure if she was allowed to touch the paint. When I tried to put her hand in it she would pull back. After a few minutes and me showing her how her hand left a hand print, she got really into it. She's a natural artist. Just for the record that is not paint on her face, its Jam from her lunch.
The finished Masterpiece

We also bought a bubble machine from Walmart for 10.00 that she loves. She loves loves loves bubbles

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Aubrey said...

Okay, so I have been sitting here for literally five minutes watching that clip over and over again! How cute! I love it when she says yellow. I'll have to come take some finger painting classes from you, I didn't know you were an expert....garsh just when I think I know it all you pull that one out!

I saw a cute way to store kids pictures the other day in a magazine. They took one of those cardboard tubes and rolled up the art in there and marked them by year! I thought that was a good idea, I have so much art from Caitlyn I need to do it!