Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm ready to keel over now...

so I was at work tonight and Joey called me to tell me that Taylar had a fever of almost 103!! I am so done with her being sick and I'm so irritated that the doctors seemed to just pawn her off and act like nothing is wrong. So anyway Joey took her to the after hours medical care again (after I made him since I was stuck at work and couldn't do it myself). Turns out she has strep throat AND her ear infection is back. Poor thing. She's so miserable. I would have had no idea because she didn't act sick at all today. She was her usual hyper self, but later tonight when she went to Joey's mom's house, I guess she was acting weird and felt really hot so they took her temperature. We got the antibiotic again so hopefully it works this time and she stays better cause its been like a month and half of this and I'm ready to kill myself. I need to remember to cancel my gym appointments this week because I obviously won't be taking tay to daycare since she has strep.

edit: So I went back and looked at when the first post about tay being sick was and it was march 10th. So she has been sick for a month and half off and on, mostly on.

On another note, a much happier one, I ended up winning the dress I wanted!! I'm very excited. It cost a little more than I planned on going to, It cost me 30.00 and I was only going to go to 25.00 but hey whatever thats still 20.00 less right! I'm so stoked!!

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