Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bye Bye Binki Miss you

So today I had Taylar throw her binkis in the garbage. She was cute she said "bye bye binki I miss you." She didn't realize what was going on when we did it and I kept explaining to her that we no longer are going to have the binkis, that we threw them in the garbage and they are going to go to other little babies since she is a big girl. She was all proud of herself and kept telling everyone what she had done. Well that was fine. Then it was nap time. I put her down at noon and she was up in her crib talking to herself until 2:00. So then I went in and got her and we got some lunch with my friend Lisa. We got home at 3:00 and I just put her down again, she is pretty tired. It just dawned on her I think that she doesn't have her binki. She cried pretty hard at first and I am hearing less and less now, which is a good thing. I guess we'll see if she actually goes to sleep. Tonight is going to suck. It's my own fault though. I kept justifying keeping them around and giving them to her. At fist she just had them for nap time and bed time and then it turned into all the time and I realized I was just making excuses. So wish us luck!!! The next couple weeks are going to suck at the Hooton house.

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Aubrey said...

Good luck Heather!
....and Joey
....and Taylar!