Friday, May 9, 2008

No Binki: Night 1

It was night one of no Binky last night. Taylar did really really good. A lot better than I had anticipated. I gave her a bath at 8:30 and did her bed time routine completely normal. She asked for her Binky once, but her face had a big mischievous smile, she knew that we had thrown them away and was just testing me. So I put her down and she didn't whine at all when I laid her down or anything. I gave her all her buddies to sleep with (aka Donald, daisy, mickey, Minnie, nemo, and dory). After I shut her door a few minutes went by and then she started to cry. Not hard crying, though. I expected this to last a couple hours, but the crying part lasted about a half hour, after that it was about an hour of small whimpers and some talking. At one point when I walked past her room to turn on the air I could hear her talking to herself saying " blue one, red one, orange one" which are the colors of her now dearly departed Binky's. (of course it sounded more like booo one yed one oange one) She was completely asleep by 10:00 because I finished watching Lost and went in and checked on her and she was deep breathing. so HOORAY for night 1!!!
Edit: okay so nap time today went so so. I put her down at 12:00 and she just talked and talked so I got her up and let her play until 2 and then put her back down and she cried and talked (was being pretty funny actually) and then about a half hour into it she finally was quiet!! Hooray, this really hasn't been too bad.

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Aubrey said...

HURRAH! YIPEE! KUDOS! I am so glad for you, binki's going away can be very scary. And I have to say that Tay saying the names of her "dearly departed" binki's had me laughing to hard!