Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the great mothers in my life. I had an okay day. I was a little bummed cause Joey didn't get me anything so that hurt my feelings a little bit. He tried to pawn off us going to dinner the night before as my present, even though we were going to go to dinner regardless, lol. He's such a dork. I'm okay though, I don't really need anything. I was hoping for like a gift card or something to get some new summer clothes with, but thats okay. We mostly just ended up visiting different grandmas and then went to dinner at his aunts house. It was a good day all in all. I woke up to Taylar saying Happy Momma's day I lobe you and giving me a big kiss. that was the best present I could have ever gotten from her. I wish she would have been better about her nap though. She fought taking it so much that she ended up only being able to sleep for a half hour. Then when I got her out of bed, come to find out that she had um...played in her diaper and it had gotten it everywhere so I had to change her out her cute dress. Thats okay cause she's funny anyway.


Aubrey said...

Sounds like a day full of what being a Mom is really all about!! Hee Hee! I gots you a pressie, but I may have to just mail it to you, since we won't be up this weekend....always fun to get something in the mail!

Aubrey said...

I just read to Caitlyn what Taylar was doing in her bed and she started to laugh when I explained that Taylar was talking to us even though we weren't there, and she laughs and says, "well, she can send it to us in an email!" How did we get such funny kids?