Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer and The Host

It has been SO beautiful the last few days. I'm loving it. I love putting Taylar in her little shorts and tanks and her little flip flops. I love the warm weather, this is my favorite. I can't wait to take her swimming this year I think she will have SO much fun!!

On another note I'm still reading Stephenie Meyer's The Host. I'm only about half way through right now. I don't get a lot of time to read. Mostly when Taylar takes her nap (IF she takes her nap these days) and after she goes to bed (IF I'm not at work). Of course lately she's been a pain and staying up late so by the time she goes to bed I'm too tired to read. From what I've read so far I really like it. Different than I thought it would be, but not in a bad way, took a bit to get into but it's a pretty good read I think. (yes I know that this is not the book cover that everyone has for The Host, but I dig this one)
Also I know there are those that are not excited for the Twilight movie, but I seriously can't wait. I'll even look past the main castings of Edward and Bella just to see this brought to the big screen, of course I could end up regretting that, lol.
On another note I got Joey's fathers day present today. I'm SO Excited. Not that he ever reads my blog, but just in case I'm not going to put it up here. But I'm still excited.

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