Sunday, June 1, 2008

Potty Training

So we are in full force going into potty training. Taylar is completely out of diapers. I am not going to buy them anymore. I had bought pullups which I already mentioned on here before. I think I agree with Aubrey when she says they don't really work. Taylar just seems to think of them like a diaper so she just goes in them. We have been trying to make sure she goes on the potty as much as possible. I need to be better about asking her more often and taking her in and putting her on the toilet. I think after these pullups are gone I am going to go to underwear. Aubrey said that seemed to work best for Caitlyn and trying it can't hurt. I think I'll still do nighttime pulls ups for bed time and nap time though. I got her some 2T/3T underwear but my daughter takes after her mom in the badunkadunk area so i have to get her some 4T. We have two pairs in that size and they fit her behind better. She had underwear on today and she peed on Joe. That was the highlight of my day, LOL. wish us luck.

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Aubrey said...

hee hee hee!!! Joe got peed on!!!

Good luck!

The pull-ups are great for night time, because they can pull them off themselves like real underwear, but it still keeps them dry at night.