Friday, July 18, 2008

Tea Party

My very cute daughter is FINALLY starting to get get into make believe and using her imagination. Today we had a tea party, her idea. She made us mac and cheese and we sat and had our "dinner" and "drinks" she's so cute. I love her.

(I have to say I never think Taylar looks like me, but I think she does quite a bit in this picture above, she looks like me when I was her age)

Also I was thinking about it today and I have been so obsessed with what I am eating and what I should and shouldn't eat with this pregnancy to meet my wait gain goal etc and even before when I was trying to lose weight that I didn't realize how much I WASN'T paying attention to Taylar's diet. I have been feeding her crap. She eats so much Mac'n'Cheese and chicken nuggets and pizza and I never give her healthy foods. I am going to change that and make sure all 3 of us (I'm including Joey) start eating healthier. I'm going to cut Taylar's sweets because I'm a very bad mom and let her have suckers all the time. My goal is to get our family healthier.


Aubrey said...

Her hat and apron set are so adorable! How cute is she! Caitlyn and I watched the videos about 10 times! I loved how she kept her oven mitt on while having tea and mac n' cheese.

Corpuz Family said...

What a cutie!