Wednesday, August 13, 2008

California Day 2

On Monday we went to the beach again. Taylar ended up getting a burn to match the one I got the day before. I felt so bad. We put so much sunscreen on her and kept reapplying it I have no idea how she got so burned..
Later that night we went to Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Kodak Theatre to see where they have the Acadamy awards. It was kinda cool. I was sad we couldn't see the actual theatre where the Awards are held, but oh well you can see them on tv. We also saw the stars and the hand and foot prints of celebrities. Of course I had to get my picture taken with Johnny Depp's. I didn't want to do it alone so I made Taylar take it with me. I also made Joey compare his hands to Depp's size, lol. My husband's feet and hands are bigger :) They are actually bigger than almost all the celebs we compared them too, except Will Smith, they were about equal.
Taylar and I seeing Johnny Depp's hand and foot prints

The Harry Potter kids, we took this for Amy.

Andrea bought this headband and let taylar wear it cause she was cold. look at her poor burned little cheek.

Taylar the future rockstar

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Aubrey said...

We LOVE your glasses Tay! You are a total rock star. It looks like you guys are having such a blast, we are so glad!

Caitlyn wants to tell you that we are bouncing on giant balls and that she has watch on today so that she can tell the time.

We love you guys!