Wednesday, August 13, 2008

California Day 3

On Tuesday we went to Sea World. Taylar had so much fun. She has been looking forward to seeing the sharks and dolphins for almost 3 weeks now. the first thing we went to was the Sea lions. I didn't get pictures of it unfortunatly, but she loved them. they were feeding them when we got there so they were very active. She loved listening to them talk and even mimiced their sounds. then we went and saw the Sharks. She thought that was very cool, not scary at all. We also got to see the Dolphins and pet/feed them. We also saw Shamu etc. Joey and I went on the Journey to Atlantas ride. It was pretty neat, different than I thought, but a cool little water rollercoaster. I luckily did not get that wet. Joey's brother josh and his mom got SOAKED. A handful of us stayed late and everyone else went home early. Taylar was such a trooper and stayed late with us. She stayed awake the whole day with no nap, butas soon as I put her in her carseat she was out for the night.

One of the last things we did was go to the Muppets 4D movie. Taylar liked the movie except a silly part where a Chicken blows air on you. that scared her. Although that is not why she is crying in the picture. This was because we told her she couldn't jump on the chairs.
Taylar up close and personal with Shamu. She loved watching the whales swim in under the water, she was ony mad because she couldn't go in and swim with them.

Tay got to feed and touch the dolphins, it was very cool.

Taylar reaching out to touch the dolphins. She was not scared at all, she absolutly loved it.

Joey and Taylar at the sharks, she LOOOOOOOOVED them.

The three of us at the Shark Encounter, too bad my stupid eyes are closed.

Joey and Taylar looking at the sharks from above the water.

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Aubrey said...

Dear Tay, You are so lucky to see the dolphins and pet them. I like oceans too and I like sharks too! Why do you like sharks so much? I am so excited that some day I can go to Seas World like you and see the dolphins and I want to see Shamu the best. I will not be afraid of the sharks either! Oh and by the way I really like that I am playing little einsteins with my Mom, I want to be Leo for Halloween! Good bye Taylar!

Love Caitlyn

P.S. Have a fun trip!