Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Need a new book series

okay, SO...I was/am a Huge harry potter fan like the majority of the world and so when Harry Potter ended, I was lucky enough not to feel the sting that comes with ending the final book in a series because I happened to already be extremely attached to another series, The Twilight books. So now that I'm finished with them.....I'm screwed!!! I need a new book series to read, something really good that will grasp my attention!! Anyone got any suggestions? Let me tell you what I like. I love action and adventure, but there always has to be a hint of romance or something in it. Even Harry Potter had Ron and Hermione etc in it, enough that it let my inner cheesy romantic girl screem out with a weeeee, but enough of everything else that I didn't feel like I was reading a romance (Twilight is another story, lol.) So anyone got any suggestions?

on another note, I cut my hair. I wasn't going to cut it until after I have this baby, but I honestly could not take it anymore and plus Joe likes me with shorter hair he said. I will post pictures soon.


Aubrey said...

I really liked the Children of the Promise series!

I can't wait to see your hair!

Heather said...

Aubrey, Who writes the Children of the Promise series?