Monday, August 18, 2008

Taylar's Hair

So Tay's hair doesn't seem like it grows very much on the side and on top. It is taking forever for it to come in, but the back of her hair grows pretty well. Her mullett is coming back it seems and I am half tempted to cut it again, but not sure if I should. What do you all think? Do you think I should cut the back of her hair again to try and match the top or should I just let it grow out some more. I mean I can do things with it right now like pigtails, ponytail etc, but does it look really bad when it is just down like it did before (her 80's mullet)?

Also totally random and off topic, but my new obsession besides James McAvoy is Jim Sturgess, I just wuv him.

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chellekay said...

I think you should not cut it! Her hair look fine, I don't think she has a mullett again