Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cali Days 5 & 6

Day 5, our final day in California. Very uneventful day. Taylar went to the beach one last time with her grandma. I decided I was still feeling too crappy from Wednesday to go and since Joe and I didn't go to dinner for our anniversary we decided to go to lunch instead so we went to the Olive Garden. Taylar and I along with Joe's brother, Josh, were flying home today and Joe and his mom are driving our car home tomorrow. We didn't want to drive back with Taylar and I really don't feel like driving in the state I'm in so since today looked the best for standby we took it and got right on. Tay did pretty good on the plane. It was so nice having her carseat there though so she couldn't get down and play around. She just mostly watched Shrek 2 with Josh and every once in a while would get a little restless. Her ears did hurt with the descent, but she wouldn't not chew on any gum or suckers.

Pictures: on the Airplane home. Taylar and Josh were watching Shrek...of course.

Day 4:
On Thursday (which was also my 4th Anniversary WOOT WOOT) we went to Universal Studios. First thing we did there was went to the Shrek 4D show. Taylar was extremely freaked out when we first got into it because the room was dark and there was scary music, but once we got into the actual move she seemed ok, only scared at one part. Then we went on the Studio Tour which is so long. It was sad to see everything torn down from the fire and it was cool to see Wisteria Lane, even though I don't watch Desperate Houswives, just to see them filming, which they were, was cool. Taylar loved Jaws and the Dinosaurs from Jursassic Park. After the ride we went to get some food and Taylar fell asleep so we decided it would be a good time to go on the rides she couldn't. So we went on the new Simpsons ride and that made me motion sick. Then after Joe and I got off that we met up with his mom at Jurassic Park and Taylar had woken up by then. Joe's two aunts, Susan and Jeannie, decided not to go on it because they didn't want to get wet so we left Taylar with them and rode that, then we went to ride the Mummy, which was fun, but a little bit disapointing. The nice thing about Universal Studios is they have the Child Swap like Disneyland, BUT they have a room that is airconditioned and has toys and a tv for each ride that is themed to the ride where the person that stays off can stay with the kid until the rest of the group is done. We also got Taylar a really cute Shrek shirt with Shrek holding one of his babies which is giving Shrek a kiss, it was too cute. Joey and I were going to go see Pineapple Express and go to a movie for our anniversary, but we both didn't feel good so we decided it wouldn't be a good idea.

Pictures: I misplaced my Camera so I only got a couple pictures. The first one is of us at the Shrek 4D show. The Second is on the Studio Tour at the Jaws part. I missed getting Jaws in the picture, but Taylar liked it, although you can't tell that from the picture, lol.

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