Monday, September 8, 2008

The Colors of the Wind

I am so very excited for Fall. It's my favorite season. I love the colors of the trees as they change. I love how I can sit outside at nighttime and have it be cool enough to wear a sweatshirt and a blanket and curl up with a good book. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving. I'm so excited that its basically here :)

In honor of that I have temporarily redone my layout for Halloween, I know its early, but I am too excited, lol.

At the current moment Taylar and I are sitting outside on our balcony. She's cuddled up in a blanket with her baby doll watching Shrek on our portable dvd player while I make this oh so pointless entry.

I love being home at night, its so awesome. I hope Kathy is able to find someone she can trust soon so that I can make this a permanent thing. Although I can't complain cause its not like I work very often.

This week is the State Fair. I completely forgot. I want to go so bad. I think we are going to try later this week to go, but I'm a little worried because the weather isn't supposed to be the greatest the rest of the week. Since last year I have wanted Taylar to ride the little ponies there. Last year Joey decided that she was too young and promised me she could ride this year. I'm going to hold him to that promise.


chellekay said...

I love the layout!!

So are you going to go to the fair?? Do you want to go Thursday afternoon?

Aubrey said...

I love the new layout, so adorable! And your "Life's A Hoot" topper thing is so fun! I too am a huge fan of the fall and Halloween. Have you decided what Taylar is going to be yet?

I hope you guys get to go to the fair this week, I really want to go because....well hee hee Veggie Tales is going to be there one night and I really want to go see it!! Sometimes I hate living this far away. Oh well!