Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm a nerd

I've been getting these really bad headaches lately, and I'm kind of concerned. I have a dr.'s appointment on thursday and I'm going to ask her if she thinks that my birth control might be doing it. I really hope that is it. I can't take them anymore. I get them multiple times a day and they aren't just headaches, they are pretty severe. I don't know for sure if they are migraines, but they are blinding.

I'm also excited cause I am going to go see Thriller in St. George with the girls in Joey's family at the end of October. I've never seen it. This is the one done by Odyssey Dance. More than anything, more than even the dance, I'm sort of excited to get a break from being mommy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE more than anything the fact that I now get to be a full time mom day and night and get to be home to see my husband more etc., but I have to admit I would like an hour to myself once a week. Joey has been good this weekend though. He has gotten up both sat and sun and let me sleep in while he got taylar her breakfast, its been awesome!!!

I'm the biggest nerd. Why you ask? I watch shows made for teenagers, lol. I started watching Gossip Girl cause I rented it from the library to see what all the hoopla was about and now I'm addicted. I can say this though, I'm 26 and not a teenager...if I had a teenage kid I don't think I'd want them to watch this show, its pretty naughty. Also I'm a nerd cause I'm excited my shows start this week, I've missed the Office.


Melissa Mae Johnson said...

I LOVE Thriller and I'm so sad we won't be in town to see it! I' jealous!

Aubrey said...

THRILLER! I am so insanely jealous, you will have so much fun. And I totally understand about the "mom" thing for sure! We all need our time, and not just a kid free trip to the grocery store. I keep reading on other girls blogs about their GNO (girls nights out) and I was like WHAT!!!! I can't remember the last time I had one of those dang it!

I hope you can figure out the headache thing, how awful. Keep us updated okay!