Thursday, September 25, 2008

Schedule change

I talked to Kathy tonight and I have decided to go back to work at the gas station one night a week, wendesdays only. This is just until Kathy can hire some more people, plus it gives me one night a week away from Taylar. As much as I LOOOOOOOOVE her, i need a break sometimes. Plus it gives me a little bit of spending money for myself each month. I just realized that New Years Eve is on a wednesday which I hope I don't have to work.

Why I picked Wednesdays over any other day sort of boils down to some pretty nerdy reasons which you are more than welcome to make fun of me for: 1.) I have tv shows on mondays and thursdays that I really like to watch live rather on tape and so I wanted to be home for those if I could, its the only time I get to watch something I WANT to watch that doesn't have talking animals or puppets that sing. 2.) Wendesday the floor guy comes to our store which makes cleaning the floor at night a lot easier. 3.) it is in the middle of the week so it breaks things up. Its not a weekend night so I get my weekends free still and it isn't right off the weekend so I don't feel so blah going back to work.

Taylar has been waking up crying for the past 2 weeks at 5 in the morning or around that time. She usually will go back to sleep if I lay in there with her for a minute or two. I don't know why she is doing this. I have cut out, cut down, kept her naps the same and it doesn't matter how long she does or doesn't sleep at nap time this still happens, anyone have any ideas. I would say nightmares, but the same time everyday?

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