Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This last weekend I got to go down to St. George with the girls in Joe's family (sans Andrea, whom we missed). We went to go see Thriller by Odyssey Dance Company at the Tuachan Amphatheatre. I LOVED it. I have never seen it before and everyone keeps raving about it. Before the show they have these Zombie's come out and walk around to "scare" people. We decided to get our picture taken with one of them afterward. It was a fun weekend. We stayed at Joey's cousins house (just his mom, sister, 2 aunts, and I, everyone else stayed at a hotel). Then the on Sat before the performance we went shopping. It was a nice relaxing weekend. Taylar stayed home with Joey which was nice. I enjoyed my time away. I love being a mommy, but sometimes its nice to just get a little break. I look like crap in this picture, but oh well. (left to right: Candace, Jeanie, Kristin, me, zombie, Sarah, Kathy, Amy....Whitney and her mom were there too but they had left before we took the pic)

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Melissa Mae Johnson said...

I LOVE Thriller, and I'm so sad I don't get to go this year!