Monday, October 20, 2008

Thriving Ivory

I'm not sure if any of you have heard of the band thriving Ivory, but I was excited because on Saturday I got to see them in concert for $5.00. Joe, me, Chris (my uncle) and his date Cathy, all went and saw them at the Murray Theatre. It was cool because it was a small venue so we were close to the stage, I never get to see bands that close up. They sing the song Angels on the Moon. It gets played a lot on 101.9 the end. You should check it out on itunes or on their myspace page They had two local bands/people open up for them. Benton Paul from Highland Utah and Location Location. It was a great night.

Taylar spent that night at her grandma's. It was her first sleep over (not counting when she was 2 months old and slept there cause I was sick). She did pretty well they said. She didn't go to sleep until midnight, which I sort of expected because I knew she'd start wanting mommy once she got tired. She woke up twice, which lately is not abnormal for her, and then slept till 8:30. They took her to church the next day. It was perfect. Joey and I slept in until 11:00. I never get to do that, so it was awesome!!! Although it certainly made getting up today harder, lol.

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