Wednesday, October 15, 2008

cold ruffles

So Taylar has hardly any winter clothes that fit her right now. She has some very cute long sleeved shirts from her cousin Cailtlyn that are just a little too big for her to wear. I found some of the cutest stuff at old navy I want to get her, especially these little cable knit sweater dresses, they are too cute. Although I hope they really do come in 4T, cause my kid is huge and is 2 wearing clothes made for a 4 year old, lol. I think if they were not 20.00+ each I would buy them instantly.

This second one would look SO cute with her new brown boots and some white tights

I think I'm very into ruffles right now

oh and I love this one in basically any of the prints, especially the trees and plain white with blue.

Also how freaking cute are these!!

Truth of the matter is I don't have the money to buy her these cute clothes, I know Old Navy isn't expensive, but it is when you have no money to spend, lol. So I shall go look at walmart for some cute long sleeved shirts for her and some more pants because otherwise the girl is going to freeze, lol. What a bad mom I am.

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