Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Despite the tragic news of Grandpa Bob's death early Halloween morning, we still took Taylar out trick or treating. She loved going to all of her grandparents houses and showing them her costumes. She started out the day at the gas station where Kathy gave her the very first piece of candy. From there we went to visit her Grandma Williams and also Grandma Carlson. Then it was off to trick or treating in Joe's parents neighborhood. All (sans Josh) of Joe's family went with us. I was very happy that Amy dressed up so that Taylar was not the only one. I wanted to go to people that Joe and his family knew, so I had a better peace of mind. Tay started out the night on her bike, but not even 15 minutes into the night her bike broke. She was very cute though, as she apologized to the bike for breaking it. After Trick or Treating we went to Grandma Pat's house in order to help plan the funeral and obituary.
Speaking of which, the Funeral was held today. It was very nice. We opted to not have Taylar come for many reasons. Richard watched her for us. I did take her to the viewing last night though. I just have to say that I absolutly love my family. My Grandma &Grandpa Carlson and my Aunt Vicki and cousin TJ all came to the viewing to show support for Joe even though they did not know his Grandpa. I thought it was very nice and it really meant a lot.


Aubrey said...

Taylar looks so cute in her costume.

I am glad the funeral went well. Curtis and I were going to come to the viewing, but we didn't bring any nice clothes, and we didn't feel good about jeans and t-shirts, but we were thinking about you guys and Joe's family.

Caitlyn and I had so much fun on Monday playing at your house! We need to do that more often!

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

She looks so cute! how did you do that cute photo collage?