Thursday, November 13, 2008


So Taylar heard the song "Womanizer"by Britney Spears on the radio the other day and asked me to play it again. I told her I couldn't, but then later that day it was on again (actually it was less than an hour later on a different station) and she said it was her favorite song. So I am an idiot and bought the song off of itunes for her. She LOVES it. Of course now I have to listen to it ALL the time (ugh)

The other night Joey and I were listening to her sing to herself when she was in bed, which she does quite often. Usually its a bunch of babble and just loud pointless notes, sometimes its an actual song like "You've got a friend in me" or "I know you I walked with you once upon a dream" or even "Sha la la la don't be shy you gonna kiss the girl wow wow" or my ultimate favorite "mamma mia here I go again my my how I'm gonna miss you" but this particular night she kept singing "womanize womanize ah ah" so funny. Joey took an audio recording with his phone but I couldn't get it to work to post here so instead I captured her dancing to it and singing a little bit, although she seemed to be too distracted by her spray bottle. *also side note, the reason she is only in her diaper is because she took all of her clothes off so she could go "swimmin' in the kitchen sink" I quickly put a stop to that one.

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Aubrey said...

Oh my dear goodness! My niece is C.R.A.Z.E.E.!!! How funny is that! She makes me laugh so hard!