Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worst Fear

So yesterday Taylar gave me a bigger scare than she ever has before. I was indisposed in the bathroom and at first Taylar was in there with me, but then went out into the front room. Before I realised it I heard the front door shut. This is not abnormal, she tends to hurry outside and play on our patio but runs back inside. After hearing the door shut I rushed to finish and went outside to get her, only she wasn't there. I started to get really scared because a few minutes before I had heard a man talking outside my door to what I assume was my neighbour. I ran down the stairs to my three story apartment building and started calling her name, scared out of my mind. I ran down one sidewalk but could not see her so quickly back tracked and ran down the sidewalk going other other direction (we live in a corner building). Panic started settling in and all my worst fears seemed to be coming true, when all of a sudden I saw her pink striped jacket from the corner of my eye by the pond at the front of the building. I rushed over to her and grabbed her, yelling and screaming. Which of course made her begin to cry. I calmed down and told her over and over and over again how she scared me and how she can't leave the house without mommy ever ever ever again. To make the whole situation worse she told me she went to the pond to go swim with the ducks (who by the way flew south for the winter already). So now not only am I freaked out that she could have been taken, but also that she could have drowned or been hit by a car. I have never been so scared in my entire life.

So yesterday Joey went and got those door knob cover things from Safety first so she can't open the front door anymore. I have got to teach her to stay by mom and not go out on her own. This is the second time she has gone off on her own and scared me half to death. The first time we were at Albertson's and she wondered into the next aisle (we were at the pharmacy) and I went to go get her, but she wasn't there. I looked around for her and then it dawned on me..she had gone OUTSIDE of the store by herself. She could have gotten hit by a car or something. I swear this kid is going to give me a heart attack. I need to get her a leash.


Melissa Mae Johnson said...

We lost Mae at Mervyns awhile back and I've never been so scared in my life. Employees were running around with walkie talkies saying "code yellow!" and I was out of my mind. Turns out she had gotten on the escalator by herself and gone upstairs. I've always been against those leashes, but I finally gave in and got one of the monkey back pack ones. I'd rather have peace of mind then worry about how lame those things are.

Aubrey said...

Welcome to the BAD MOM CLUB!

So, so scary! We have all been there and we all feel your fear, I hate the feeling. So much panic and anxiety. I am glad she is safe and hope you are doing ok too!