Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grandpas, Pottys, and Condos

Last week Joey's other Grandpa passed away. It was very sad. He had a form of althziemers and parkinsons. Joey is understandably upset. This was hard for me as well because I thought of Grandpa Keith as my own grandpa. The funeral was on Sat and it was a very nice service. Joey spoke at this funeral as well and did a great job.

Because of everything going on with the funeral, being at his grandma's NICE condo, and going down to Curtis and Aubrey's (BIG thank you to them), Taylar has been in diapers more than I would have liked. Usually she is only in underwear during the day and has been doing so well, however she has regressed a little bit because of this last week. I should have just left her in her underwear, but when she gets distracted playing she has so many accidents and I didn't want to have to pack her whole chest of drawers, lol.

I'm not going to call her potty trained yet because she still has about an accident a day. I can't wait until those stop being a daily occurance. She still sleeps in diapers/pullups because she doesn't really stay dry at night, which is fine. I'm letting her do this at her pace and not pressuring her at all. She still asks me to go into the potty with her, she doesn't want to go alone yet which is funny to me. It takes time I guess.

Also Joey and I have been looking at condos to buy. We really really need a 3 bedroom place and after looking into it we found that buying a 3 bedroom condo would be less of a payment for us than renting one. We of course are looking in areas like Eagle Mountain (way south west of where we are now) and Magna. I hate the idea of being so far away from everyone, but we can't stay in a 2 bedroom place.


chellekay said...

sorry about Granpa Keith.

So have you found any, looked at any condos??

Aubrey said...

I had no idea you guys were looking at moving! How exciting for your family! I hope you find something.