Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm so frustrated, although I'm really trying not to show my frustrations to Taylar. Potty training is not going well. I don't know if she's not ready or what. I think she is, I mean she tells me right after she goes in her diaper and almost everytime I put her on the potty she goes pee (she's scared to go #2). We go through SO many pairs of underwear a day. She won't wear just underwear either. She refuses to not have pants on, my modest little child. I've tried a potty chart etc and nothing seems to encourage her. Everyone keeps telling me to just put her in underwear and after a few times of going in her underwear she will tell me or understand that feeling. Thats not happening. More than anything I am doing more and more laundry. I'm so frustrated because she puts up a fight everytime I ask her if she needs to go or when I put her on. I mean we tired setting a timer and going in every half hour and then that seemed too often so I switched it to an hour and still...gah.

I guess this is what I get. She transitioned with everything so easy. Switching from bottle to sippy cup was nothing, when I threw her binki away (finally) she was over it in a day, switching to solid foods etc no problem, moving into her big girl bed, awesome. But this might be our Mount Everest. I wanted to have her completely potty trained going by herself etc by like marchish/april but I don't know if that is going to happen. I've tried all these different words of advice from people and nothing is working.


Aubrey said...

I am so sorry Heather. It's so hard to have others shower you with advice, have nothing work and then feel so frustrated about it. Kids are all so different and respond so different. Keep it up, this too shall pass, and one day when she is sneaking out of the house with her cousin Caitlyn to go drag State, we will wish we were still potty training them!!! :)

Nana said...

From my experienc training 4 I would say you are unfortunatley having a very normal potty training experience. Oh my... I know it is frustrating. After two months of P.T. with my grandson my daughter decided to put him back in diapers for a while. He just was not getting it. He will. So will your little one. Being scared to poo on the toilet is also normal. (heck it still scares me. tee hee) Keep trying.

chellekay said...

sorry Heather. I wish I had some magical to tell you but I don't. But Taylar is ready she will let you know and then things will be smooth sailing.