Monday, January 12, 2009

Better Days

So things for the last couple days seem to be a little better on the potty training front. Yesterday Taylar finally went #2 (I'm sure you all wanted to know that detail.) She wore underwear almost all day. I only changed her to go to a birthday party and to Joey's parents house because I didn't want her to have an accident there. Today she has worn underwear all day long, she wore the same pair almost all day, but then when Joe came home he scared her on accident and she had a little accident. She has been doing so good about coming up to me and telling me she needs to go. She has done it all day, and everytime she has sat down she went. I'm a little nervous that she is holding her poop in because she doesn't want to go so I'm afraid she might get a stomach ache. I told her she is no longer wearing diapers during the day, only underwear. She said okay. Hopefully she will pick it up sooner than I keep thinking she will. The last two days have been really good. We even ran errands today with her in her underwear and she was really good and had no accidents. YAY!!! I know we will still have bad days but really good days like today and yesterday make up for it.

On another note, I have decided that one thing I want to change about myself more than anything in the world is how much I talk. I was sent an email and then forwarded it to others where they are supposed to describe you in one word and honestly I was bummed and a little embaressed by a lot of the responses I got because most of them pretty much say I never shut up and I speak my mind all the time, and these aren't great qualities. I don't know how to change that about myself, but I hate that people automatically think loudmouth or chatterbox when they think of me. Sort if sad. Why would anyone want to be around someone like that?


Erin & Erik Beebe said...

Heather you should never change who you are!! If you speak your mind or even if people think you talk to much that is who you are!! I value that you can speak your mind!!! Only change if you want to change but don't change for other people :)

Erin & Erik Beebe said...

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