Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things I've learned

I have learned that not every child is the same. Every kid does things at their own pace and in their own way and its no fair for me to compare Taylar to other kids. With this whole potty training thing I have been so down on myself because I thought I was doing something wrong. All of my friends kids were getting this potty thing down and Taylar seemed to have no interest. So I backed off and let her go at it on her own pace and she has been so awesome. I know we have a long way to go , but I know she will reach these milestones when she is ready. I know that I need to have more faith and patience in her because she will figure things out on her own. Right now she is telling me everytime she needs to go. She is also so good about pulling down her pants, but has a really hard time getting them up on her own (her darn bumb just keeps getting in the way, lol). We can even go out and run errands etc and she won't have an accident.

My next goals are
1.) To get her to go into the potty by herself and use it without me having to go along
2.) to have her get the hang of pulling her pants up by herself after she goes.
3.) To have her use the big toilet so I don't have to clean her potty anymore, lol
4.) to have her stay dry at nap and bed times so we can just be in underwear period.

I know that these other milestones will happen and I need to not push her. Encourage her yes, but not push her. After all we've only been in underwear only since Sunday right :)

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Aubrey said...

It is sooooo hard not to compare, I still catch myself doing it!

I am glad that she is doing better, such a relief for you I am sure!

Oh, and her pulling her pants up on her own thing....I just have to say that Caitlyn, almost five years old, still has trouble with this, only....well, she will use the bathroom, wash and then just not put them on at all!!! I will find her 20 minutes later playing in her room with nothing on bottom and they I have to get after her about 3 more times to put her pants and underoos back on!