Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A few things about this video. 1.) yes this potty is CLEAN. I cleaned it with Bleach etc over and over 2.) Blanket is a person to Taylar I've mentioned that before. 3. ) it was taken by my phone so the quality isn't great.

I just thought this was funny. She was being so concerned for blanket. Potty traning is going SO much better and she has been in only underwear for 3 days now with only 1 accident so yay!!



Melissa said...

That was hilarious! She is so cute

Aubrey said...

Dear goodness! This is so funny, the best is the very first line "you can poop!" I love how she tells blanket that she can do it!

I am also glad the training is going well! HURRAH! It seems like one day they just kinda get it, still a few accidents here and there, but for th most part it just takes!

Meghan N Brady said...

OH YAY!!! That is so exciting Congulations to you, Joey, and Taylar!!

Tamara said...

Loved it!! My granddaughter is so awesome, I know she will get Blank potty trained anyday!